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31 Dec 2016

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Wetenschappelijke Artikelen


Sex Trafficking


Sandra Wann
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Liberating the oppressed victims of human sex trafficking


31 Dec 2016

Wann, Sandra, M.A., UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE, 2016, 110 pages; 10307926
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Abstract by author:

Human trafficking has recently risen to become the second largest organized crime world-wide. Also, commonly referred to as "modern day slavery," this international crime exposes our inherent criminal justice issues due to linkage blindness and the marginalization of victims. The problem is not the absence of laws, but rather a systemic breakdown in basic communication among those entrusted with the duty to protect and serve. Law enforcement apprehends and the criminal justice system prosecutes the victims of this heinous enterprise instead of pursuing justice on their behalf. The marginalization of the victims of this horrific crime further serves to compound the misery suffered by those unfortunate enough to be caught in the snare of modern day slavery, which plaques our globe and threatens our humanity. Although human trafficking includes trafficking for forced labor, trafficking in commercial sexual exploitation of children in tourism, and trafficking in organs, this paper will focus on trafficking in women and children for sexual exploitation.