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17 Mar 2016

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Proposals and reports of the European Commission


Child pornography
Webcam Child Sex Tourism
Child trafficking


European Commission

Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online, Threat Assessment Report 2015


17 Mar 2016

In addition to their second report on Child Sexual Abuse online, the Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online has also compiled a comprehensive threat assessment, which provides a clear picture of the changing landscape of child sexual abuse online and a strong call to action for all. The objective of this threat assessment is to more fully inform leaders about the nature, magnitude, and global scope of this crime problem, and provide support for the local, national, and international policy changes pertaining to these offenses that are necessary in order to accomplish the shared policy targets.

The Global Alliance is an initiative by the EU and US in which 54 countries from around the world have gathered in a Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online.