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02 Jun 2015

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Labour exploitation
Article 8 ECHR


European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

FRA Report: Severe labour exploitation within Europe


02 Jun 2015

This report, written by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) states that there is scant evidence of the vast number of people who move from one EU Member State to another or migrate into the EU and are forced by their economic and social circumstances to accept working conditions far below recognised legal standards. The report further states that:

'The extensive fieldwork and desk research conducted for the report aim to fill this knowledge gap, thus challenging the current climate of implicit acceptance of severe labour exploitation. The report identifies risk factors contributing to such exploitation and discusses means of improving the situation. These include prevention strategies such as increased workplace inspections and greater efforts on the part of EU institutions and Member States to tighten public procurement procedures to avoid inadvertently funding exploiters. There is also an urgent need for more targeted monitoring, as well as improved criminal justice responses, to reduce the number of ineffective investigations that do not result in prosecution. In addition, closer cooperation between institutions involved in monitoring, inspections, law enforcement, victim support and public prosecution is indispensable to tackle the challenges presented by worker exploitation. The report also stresses that greater efforts are necessary to enable and encourage victims to report cases of labour exploitation, for example by encouraging trade unions to take an active role in informing and assisting persons who move to work into the EU or to another EU Member State.'