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01 jan 2010





Social Media

Sexting: keeping teens safe and responsible in a technologically savvy world


01 jan 2010

This article states that the taking, sending or forwarding of sexually suggestive images (sexting) can have social, psychological and legal consequences and should be recognized as a public health issue:

'Teens need to be aware that they can be arrested, charged and convicted for possessing and distributing child pornography, even when the pornography they are sending is of themselves.'


'Health care professionals caring for teens should recognize that sexting is a public health issue. Health care professionals need to become better informed about the issue so that they can comfortably include questions about sexting in their teen health visits, and integrate discussions on safe and responsible online and cell phone activity. Most importantly, health care professionals need to speak with teens and their families about the risks and potential consequences of sexting. Addressing these issues may prevent a teen from finding him- or herself in a compromising position.'